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Life Fitness Treadmill Equipment Review


Life Fitness Treadmill Equipment Review


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Life Fitness manufacturers a wide array of high quality exercise equipment and is an international company serving the United States and Canada from its headquarters in Schiller Park, IL.

Life Fitness maintains an online store and has partnered with local retailers nationally and internationally. As a manufacturer of both residential and commercial fitness equipment, Life Fitness continues to maintain a top tier reputation for producing high quality cardiovascular and strength training equipment that is designed to accommodate a wide range of workout intensions and intensities.

Life Fitness cardiovascular equipment can be found in countless fitness centers, resorts and commercial settings, and the company is considered a top-tier manufacturer in these arenas. All Life Fitness cardiovascular equipment is well designed, uses high quality materials, and is produced using sound manufacturing principles. In addition, all Life Fitness equipment utilize the latest technology and design concepts and offer a large array of user options and features.

Life Fitness manufactures both commercial and residential treadmills. In both cases, their treadmills are well above average when compared to the majority of the competition. The Life Fitness commercial treadmills have withstood the test of time and their residential line of treadmills are cut from the same cloth as their commercial line.

In addition, Life Fitness offers an above average warranty when compared to other manufacturers within the treadmill industry. This being said, for individuals that are looking to pay a little more for a high quality treadmill that is built to last, loaded with user options and features, and backed by a solid warranty, Life Fitness may be the answer.


  • Top-Tier Technology & Development
  • Above Average Quality & Warranty
  • Local Retailers Available
  • Variety of Features


  • Above Average Pricing
  • Customizable Options Slightly Expensive

Rating Criteria


Life Fitness utilizes the latest technology, design concepts and manufacturing principles in all of their cardiovascular fitness equipment. To this end, Life Fitness treadmills are some of the best treadmills in terms of quality, longevity and construction available today.

In addition, Life Fitness offers several user features and options that are designed to allow each individual the ability to tailor their workout to target their personal fitness goals, and to make exercising more enjoyable. Below is a list of several of the technological features that are included within the design and manufacturing of Life Fitness treadmills:

  • 4.0 horsepower motor with MagnaDrive™ motor controller
  • 3/4" commercial-grade Isocyanide running deck
  • FlexDeck® shock absorption system to reduce joint stress
  • Extra-wide 60"L x 22"W multi-ply, pre-lubricated belt
  • ErgoBar™ front handlebar with side handrails
  • 3.5" commercial-grade precision crowned rollers
  • Commercial-grade motor controller


Life Fitness offers their users several features and options on their treadmills, each designed to make the workout experience more enjoyable, convenient and effective. From the 3.0 or 4.0 HP continuous duty motors to the wide running deck with a patented shock absorption system, the features of each Life Fitness treadmill are impressive. Several of the user features and options included on Life Fitness treadmills are as follows:

  • Polar® wireless heart rate monitoring system that includes a wireless chest strap.
  • A patented FlexDeck® shock absorption system that reduces impact to the joints by nearly 30% when compared to typical treadmills.
  • Ergonomically-located user controls including a lower control pad that places the most commonly used function buttons closer to the user.
  • A Go System™ Quick Start feature that remembers the user's preferred walk, jog, and run speeds and three different incline positions. This allows the user to start their customized exercise program with the push of a single button.
  • Multiple touch-sensitive console panel options designed to meet the individual user's needs. All console panels include a message center that displays workout feedback and a workout profile screen that displays workout progress.
  • Multiple user profiles that can be used to store personal user settings and custom workouts. In addition, each user can create four My Workouts™, a personalized workout and a custom workout.
  • Built-in reading rack.
  • Dual cup holders. The cup holders are removable, making cleaning a breeze.
  • A front-mounted accessory tray to hold cell phones, MP3 players or remote controls.
  • Heart rate hand sensors and wireless sensors.
  • Customizable profiles for multiple users.
  • Music, TV and movie console features, depending on the model, are available as well.


The Life Fitness research and product development team is continually advancing the cutting edge technology associated with biomechanics, human engineering and construction principles. In addition, Life Fitness continues to deliver innovative new ideas that keep the entire equipment fitness market on its toes.

While constantly working to improve the effectiveness, design and user features of their Life Fitness treadmills, their design teams also focus on developing new ways to maximize, improve and extend the overall quality and equipment longevity that many fitness enthusiasts desire. For example, the Life Fitness treadmill shock absorbing FlexDeck system reduces impact on a user's joints by 30% when compared to their competition.

All Life Fitness treadmills are designed and manufactured using high quality commercial construction materials and the latest manufacturing principles. All Life Fitness treadmills are designed for heavy use. To this end, Life Fitness treadmills are some of the most common treadmills found in fitness centers, gyms and resorts. In addition, Life Fitness backs all of their treadmills with a solid warranty.

Customer Support

Life Fitness customer service is accessed directly through their online website and offered via email and phone. The Life Fitness customer service department is designed to address all technical support inquiries, repair requests and general customer service questions within the United States and Canada. Play the y8 games, relax, have fun. Play the y8 juegos games of Mario, Winx, race, guns. The most popular collection of y8 games online.

Internationally, customers should contact the local Life Fitness dealer nearest them for customer support. Retail locator software is offered on the Life Fitness website under the "Contact Us" section. United States and Canadian customers are also welcome to utilize local Life Fitness retailers for support services.


Within the United States, Life Fitness offers a lifetime warranty on the treadmill frame and shock absorbers for all of their models. All Life Fitness models include a 10-year warranty on the motor, and the electrical and mechanical parts are warrantied for either 5, 7 or 10 years depending on the model.

All Life Fitness treadmills include a 1-year labor warranty for service and repairs. Outside the United States, warranties may vary based on the Life Fitness dealer with which you work.

Parts and Service

Both within the U.S. and internationally, Life Fitness retail dealers are the first stop for parts and service, whether under warranty or out-of-warranty. Service technicians are available for in-home service directly through Life Fitness as well.


Since Life Fitness offers customizable treadmill options, the price range is more varied in comparison to their competitors. Life Fitness offers a full line of commercial and residential treadmills designed to fit a variety of budgets.

Under the residential side of Life Fitness, treadmills typically range from $ 2,499.00 to $ 5,999.00. However, each customer can tailor their Life Fitness treadmill to meet their specific needs. For example, an individual may choose the top of the line Life Fitness residential treadmill and add their movie/TV viewing technology to the 15" console. Under this scenario, the cost could jump to slightly over $ 7,000.00.

As far as the commercial Life Fitness treadmills are concerned, the cost can vary from one retail dealer to the next. This being said, individuals that are looking to purchase a commercial Life Fitness treadmill should contact their local Life Fitness retailer directly for current pricing information.


Life Fitness has one of the strongest reputations within the field of fitness technology and equipment. This can be witnessed in their popularity level within many fitness centers, corporate gyms, resorts and other workout facilities. By providing continual advancements in their treadmill product line, Life Fitness has successfully been able to deliver countless user options and features to their customers that are designed to make each user's exercise experience effective, enjoyable and targeted to their specific fitness goals.

Life Fitness treadmills are top-tier units designed for heavy use. All Life Fitness treadmills are well designed and constructed with the intent of providing years of use. As expected, Life Fitness backs their treadmills with a sound warranty.

Life Fitness offers a bevy of user options and features when compared to the competition. However, Life Fitness treadmills are not cheap. While the cost of each Life Fitness treadmill can be justified, some individuals may simply find that they are simply too expensie. However, individuals that can afford to purchase a Life Fitness treadmill can be assured that they have made a solid choice in their purchase, and that their Life Fitness treadmill will provide years of use and enjoyment.