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Landice Elliptical Equipment Review


Landice Elliptical Equipment Review


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Landice has been manufacturing cardiovascular fitness equipment since 1967. While commanding very little publicity, they have managed to find a niche for themselves in the exercise equipment market by providing extremely high quality elliptical and treadmill machines. Their focus is primarily on over-engineered machines best suited for rehabilitation centers, businesses and hospitals.

The philosophy of providing quality commercial elliptical machines trickles down to their residential models that have the same build quality and leading edge user features and options.

Landice elliptical machines offer a large range of user options that are designed to address even the most selective of individuals.

All Landice elliptical machines are designed using the latest technology and the best materials possible to produce a top-tier elliptical that is rivaled by none. In addition, Landice elliptical machines are backed by an unrivaled lifetime warranty.

Landice elliptical machines are sold through retail establishments and online merchants. Because of this, the cost for each model type will vary. This being said, while Landice produces one of the best, if not the best, elliptical machine available today, the cost of each model manufactured by Landice is above the average cost for an elliptical machine.

Landice elliptical machined are designed for individuals who are looking for high quality exercise equipment that utilizes the latest technology, high quality materials, and a plethora of user options and features. In addition, all Landice elliptical machines are designed for heavy use and built for unwavering durability.


  • Excellent Quality
  • Leading Edge Technology and Design
  • Adjustable Stride Length
  • Comprehensive Workout System
  • One of the Best Warranties Available


  • Above Average Pricing
  • Limited Number of Models

Rating Criteria


The E8 ElliptiMill is constructed using heavy 11-gauge steel and features a center drive system, which uses a magnetic resistance system with two flywheels on either side. This center drive unit was used to assist Landice in simulating a regular treadmill stride on an elliptical machine. The ElliptiMill’s frame comes with a step-up and large hand railings, making it easy to get on and off of the machine.

The ElliptiMill comes with a large LCD monitor on the center console that provides computer-animated video displays of their workout program. When an individual is performing the rolling hills workout, for example, the screen will show a computer-animated display of an individual trekking through the hills, allowing them to see when and where the variations in exercise intensity will occur. In addition, the center console will monitor and display all vital data such as speed, calories burned and heart rate.


The Landice elliptical machines come with orthopedic footpads to provide additional comfort and to reduce the impact on the ankle joint. The stride length can be adjusted from 17 to 23 inches, which provides a comfortable stride movement for short and tall individuals. The individuals heart rate can be monitored via the hand grips or by using the heart rate chest band that comes with the elliptical machine. The built-in display system allows for a variety of workout program choices that can be performed with a selection of 20 different intensity levels.

Various fitness tests designed for firefighters, the Army, Navy and U.S. Marine Corps are also included as pre-programmed options. The consoles also includes several other programs that are relative to your heart rate zone, a body specific workout to target certain muscle groups and a training calendar. The LCD DVD display system includes stereo headphones, and the built-in digital TV tuner is an optional feature on the Landice ElliptiMill.


Landice elliptical machines offer one of the best, if not the best, build quality in the elliptical and treadmill industry. Their elliptical machines are renowned for being extremely quiet and stable. Landice elliptical machines also provide the highest user weight capacity in the industry at 500 pounds. Nearly all professional reviewers note the quality of Landice machines as practically over-engineered to provide excellent quality that surpasses all competing products.

Customer Support

Support is provided by the company directly via email and telephone, as well as though authorized dealers. The Landice website will be able to assist you in locating the nearest authorized Landice dealer, with most metropolitan areas having at least one nearby dealer.


Landice elliptical machines come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and all parts, including wear items. Landice elliptical machines come with an additional 1-year warranty on labor that includes machines that are purchased through authorized dealers. The lifetime warranty extends only to the original owner of the machine as well as the beneficiary that is listed on the warranty registration card, which must be signed when purchasing a new Landice elliptical. Floor and demonstration models do not come with a lifetime warranty. Instead, they come with a 5-year parts warranty only.

Parts and Service

Parts and services can be ordered through the company itself. All parts and service to be provided under the warranty must be authorized by the company. An authorized dealer will be able to provide local parts and in-home service. Timeframes on in-home service depend on your geographical location. However, with the extensive build quality of Landice machines, parts replacement and service requests will be few and far between.


Landice home elliptical models are all priced within the $ 3,000 to $ 4,500 range. Their main competitors within this price range are the models provided by Precor. While Precor makes similar high quality elliptical machines and commands much more publicity within this price range, the Landice models still exceed the Precor elliptical machines due to their extensive features and superior engineering and construction.

To this end, the Landice elliptical machines are well worth the price when comparing quality, user features and options, construction and warranties. However, individuals that are on a limited budget may want to consider several of the other elliptical manufacturers that market a more middle-of-the-road elliptical machine.


While remaining a fitness equipment manufacturing company that is relatively unknown to the average elliptical market population, Landice boasts years of service to an extensive list of rehabilitation centers, businesses and hospitals. Similar to their treadmills, the Landice elliptical models provide some of the best structural quality, technology and user features and options on the market today.

While Landice elliptical machines may be overkill for the average user, individuals that are looking for a high quality elliptical machine that is designed for heavy and long-term use will not be disappointed.

As previously mentioned, the Landice series of elliptical machines are top-tier machines that equal, or exceed, any of their competitors' models. To this end, any individual that is looking for a high quality elliptical machine that is reasonably priced in relation to its functionality, quality, durability and warranty cannot go wrong purchasing a Landice elliptical machine.