Exercise Bike Equipment Reviews

exercise bike equipment reviews

Indoor stationary exercise bikes has been available for many years and continues to be one of the most popular forms of cardiovascular exercise equipment today. Regularly working out on an exercise bike is an ideal choice for individuals seeking to improve their overall cardiovascular endurance, tone the muscle groups of their lower body, and manage their weight.

In addition, exercise bikes, both upright and recumbent, are an excellent choice for individuals with joint and/or lower back concerns, as the movement is smooth and non-jarring. Regularly exercising on an exercise bike provides an efficient cardiovascular workout, exercises the core and lower body areas, and requires a relatively small space for storage. Finally, several models of exercise bikes provide an upper body workout by allowing the handle bars to move in unison with the pedaling of the legs.

Exercise bike equipment has been steadily gaining in popularity, and is one of the most popular and accessible forms of indoor cardiovascular equipment. Below is a list of several of the health benefits associated with regularly exercising on an exercise bike:

  • Promotes weight loss.

  • Burns approximately 500 calories per hour with moderate exertion.

  • Strengthens the heart and improves cardiovascular condition.

  • Improves strength and endurance.

  • Increases lean muscle density and tone in the core and lower body areas.

  • Improves lower body soft tissue (muscle, ligament, and tendon) flexibility.

Below are our team's recommendations for the top-rated exercise bike manufacturers. Our review criteria facilitates a thorough and stringent analysis of each of the top-rated exercise bike manufacturers so that our users can make an educated decision as to which manufacturer will best meet their personal health and fitness goals.

Smooth Fitness - Exercise Bike Review


Smooth Fitness has been manufacturing strength training and cardiovascular equipment since 1984. Their exercise bikes are known for high quality, durable construction, advanced feature sets and affordable pricing thanks to the company's direct-to-customer sales model.

Life Fitness - Exercise Bike Review


Life Fitness exercise bikes are designed to facilitate the entire spectrum of fitness enthusiasts. Their exercise bikes provide health club performance, industry-leading technology and quality, and are available in both upright and recumbent models.

Body Solid- Exercise Bike Review


Body Solid produces fitness equipment for schools, apartment complexes, home gyms and more. Body Solid has a strong reputation for durable exercise bikes that provide health club-level fitness designed for home use at an affordable price.

ProForm - Exercise Bike Review


ProForm entered the fitness industry through production of treadmills and has expanded to include elliptical trainers and exercise bikes. Proform exercise bikes include the same manufacturing quality and technology that the company is known for, all at affordable prices

Sole Fitness - Exercise Bike Review


Sole Fitness is a cardiovascular exercise equipment manufacturer specializing in treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes. The company has built a reputation for offering durable, high quality exercise bikes that incorporate advanced technology in addition to staples such as smooth, easily adjustable resistance.

Nordic Track - Exercise Bike Review


Nordic Track specializes in uniquely-designed home fitness equipment. Nordic Track continues to be a leading innovator in the fitness industry and is consistently upgrading their patented technology, as is evident in their exercise bikes.

Precor - Exercise Bike Review


Precor has developed an international network of local dealers to supply and service their quality fitness equipment. Innovative high quality designs coupled with affordable pricing make them a solid choice when purchasing an exercise bike.

Schwinn - Exercise Bike Review


Schwinn has been in the business of manufacturing quality bicycles for over 115 years. Both their outdoor and indoor bikes are reasonably priced and known for their leading-edge technology, high quality of construction and reliability.

Nautilus - Exercise Bike Review


Nautilus has been in business as a supplier of high quality fitness equipment for over 30 years. Their exercise bikes are designed for both home and corporate use, and are manufactured with a high level of quality and durability at a reasonable price point.