10 Ways to Drop 100 Calories Now

drop 100 calories

If you are trying to lose excess body weight and sculpt your overall physique, your initial fitness goal should be to create a daily caloric deficit – specifically, expending more calories than you consume in a given day.

While considerations such as developing a total body fitness routine and carefully monitoring your dietary intake are excellent objectives and will place you on the path to living a healthy lifestyle and, more than likely, create a caloric deficit. However, many individuals often wonder how their other daily activities contribute to obtaining such a goal.

Fortunately, there are a number of physical activities that you might not typically associate with exercise that will quickly allow your body to burn 100 calories or more.

By incorporating several of our 10 ways to lose 100 calories into your daily routine (and, bonus, you might be doing so already), you can naturally create a caloric deficit without spending every waking hour in a gym or starving yourself of the foods you enjoy.

Easy Ways to Drop 100 Calories from Your Daily Dietary Intake

There are virtually unlimited ways in which the average individual can add an additional activity to their daily lifestyle and burn 100 calories or more per day. In fact, many individuals combine several smaller activities to increase the number of additional calories they burn per day to even a greater number. Below are several ideas spanning a wide array of activities that you may want to consider adding to your daily lifestyle – Not only are several of them fun, but they all burn an additional 100 calories per day when performed.

1. Make Dinner

By spending 38 minutes chopping, peeling, stirring, sauteing and setting the table, you’ll burn 100 calories.

Bonus: You’ll have more control over what’s going into your meal than if you’d ordered take-out, likely saving you some additional calories. Stopping at a drive-thru may save some time, but there are hidden calorie costs beyond what you’ll find in the restaurant’s nutritional info pamphlet.

2. Do Some Gardening

Spend just 21 minutes tilling, planting, watering and picking, and you’ll burn another 100 calories.

Bonus: Nothing tastes better than fresh fruits and veggies grown in your garden, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what was used (i.e. pesticides, fertilizers, soil supplements) throughout the growing process. You may also be more likely to consume more fruits and vegetables when you can access them instantly, and for very little cost, simply by stepping out your front door.

3. Walk the Dog

Walking with man’s best friend for around 30 minutes, even at an extremely leisurely pace, will burn around 100 calories. By occasionally switching to jogging before resuming a casual pace, you’ll burn significantly more.

Bonus: Your dog needs to be walked anyways, and even a short walk in the fresh air after a long day of work can help to clear your head and prepare you for the rest of your day.

4. Jump on a Trampoline

No, they’re not just for kids. Bounce on a trampoline for just 27 minutes to burn 100 calories. Get a little creative with your moves (such as pulling your knees up to your chest while airborne) and you’ll burn even more.

Bonus: You’ll have a lot of fun – so much, in fact, that you just might be tempted to make trampoline jumping a regular part of your exercise routine, if factors such as space and weather allow. You’ll also find that all the fun and excitement has a way of melting away post-work stress.

5. Fly a Kite

You may be surprised by the exercise efficiency of flying a kite. In fact, participating in this nostalgic beach activity burns 100 calories every 12 minutes. That means you’ll burn a whopping 500 calories after flying a kite for just an hour.

Bonus: Flying a kite is an excellent family activity that can have parents reminiscing about their childhood and children learning a science lesson about wind and flying. It’s also inexpensive, as far as family outings go.

6. Visit an Amusement Park

Every 31 minutes spent at an amusement park will burn about 100 calories, thanks to the typically spread-out placement of the attractions and the anaerobic exercise effect your body achieves when it tenses up on an exciting ride. Just make sure to pack your own lunch or plan meals before and after your visit, as most amusement park food vendors tend towards fried food, burgers and ice cream.

Bonus: A trip to an amusement or theme park can serve as the centerpiece of a family vacation, and a four-hour stay will burn almost 800 calories. That’s enough to offset some of your other vacation indulgences, such as hours spent relaxing by the pool or an extra serving of dessert.

7. Clean the House

Start by washing dishes for 7 minutes, vacuuming for 10 minutes, and wiping down the windows for another 14 minutes. After just half an hour you’ll burn 100 calories.

Bonus: Your house isn’t going to clean itself (even if your significant other seems convinced otherwise), and keeping a more hygienic home will reduce your chances of getting sick or suffering from dog hair and dust-related allergies.

8. Play the Guitar

Strumming, picking and fretting for just 31 minutes on the guitar will burn about 100 calories. It takes about 38 minutes of piano playing to do the same. You’ll burn even more by playing the drums, where more physical activity is required in order to perform, so long as the neighbors can stand the noise.

Bonus: Playing a musical instrument can be a highly relaxing activity with untold benefits for your mental health, and learning a new instrument represents an invaluable pursuit that you can pass down to your children.

9. Go Shopping

Simply browsing through a mall for 41 minutes will burn about 100 calories, even with a leisurely mix of walking from store to store and idling near product displays. If you find yourself at the food court for a snack, be sure to compare choices carefully. Better yet, bring a low-fat granola bar and an apple to stave off mid-shopping hunger pains.

Bonus: Shopping at a mall isn’t the only way to burn the calories – a grocery store, farmer’s market or department store will fit the bill as well. Necessity shopping becomes easier when you realize the associated fitness benefits.

10. Send a Few Emails

Although it’s hard to classify computer use as anything other than a sedentary activity, the reality is that you’re burning some calories even when you’re surfing the web and typing up a few emails. In fact, doing so for about 63 minutes will burn 100 calories. It stands to reason that the more you type, the more you burn.

Bonus: Obviously, this activity won’t burn as many calories as the other items on our list, but it sure beats watching TV (94 minutes for 100 calories). If anything, these figures should give you a better idea of how many calories you’re naturally burning when you’re working in the office or relaxing before bed.

10 Ways to Lose 100 Calories: The Bottom Line

Whether you’re aware of it or not, plenty of the activities you fit into your daily routine burn at least some calories. By combining activities that are fun, physically active and often necessary to your daily lifestyle, you can supplement a regular exercise program and a calorie-conscious dietary regimen to create a lifestyle approach with a keen eye on physical and mental well-being.

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  1. I must admit this is very thorough guide. I mostly like the 7th tip :D My house is always dirty and I’m fat so this seems like a solution ;D
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