Trouble Sticking with your Exercise Routine? Try These Tips

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We all know the keys to a healthy lifestyle: consume a well balanced whole foods diet, exercise regularly, and get plenty of rest and relaxation. However, many individuals fail to focus on regularly performing an exercise program and making workout consistency part of their daily lifestyle.

We have all heard a variety of reasons and excuses that most individuals tend to give after failing to regularly perform some form of exercise or physical activity, “I am just too busy”,  “I get bored performing the same exercise routine over and over”, “I just don’t have time”, or “I have too much work to do”.

While many of these excuses may be valid, ultimately it is up to the individual to set aside time to make their physical exercise routine a part of their daily lifestyle.

Tips for Improving Your Exercise Routine Consistency

Below are several of the most common reasons individuals fail to regularly perform a physical exercise routine with a high level of consistency, effort, focus, and dedication:

  • Lack of commitment

  • An unwillingness to place regular exercise as a priority in their life

  • An inability to focus on regularly performing an exercise routine

  • Inability to organize, schedule, a set aside a time to exercise

  • Lack of discipline

In addition, many individuals may begin an exercise routine and fail to stick with it. For individuals who have tried to commit to regularly performing an exercise routine and ended up quitting after a few weeks, frustration can be a factor.

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is that regularly performing some form of physical activity is better than “beating yourself up” for not practicing workout consistency.

There are several tips and techniques that individuals can use to not only increase the amount of time that they dedicate to their physical heath and fitness, but also make the time that they do spend exercising more enjoyable. Below are several tips and techniques that are designed to improve the rate and consistency in regularly performing a physical activity:

  • Define and write down a reasonable and realistic set of personal health and fitness goals

  • Create a high level of variety in your fitness routine

  • Begin slowly and monitor your fitness progress

  • Choose fitness activities that you enjoy performing

  • Take periodic breaks from your exercise routine and modify the actual routine and exercise type that you are performing

  • Add a workout partner in your fitness and nutritional routines

  • Have fun and try a variety of fitness activities

Another tip to increase your level of physical activity is to consider participating in some type of team sport. Team sports create a sense of comradery, a heightened sense of commitment to your teammates, and a willingness to not let your teammates down.

For example, many cities offer year-round soccer leagues for all ages and skill levels. Games are played in indoor stadiums during the winter and on grass fields during the summer, so weather will never be a factor. Summer basketball and volleyball leagues are also a great way to get together with friends and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

While living a healthier lifestyle is often enough incentive for many individuals to regularly perform an exercise routine, having extra motivation is always a good idea. Another approach to increasing your level of commitment to a lifestyle that is filled with physical activity is to participate in an activity that is focused on a cause that has some meaning or importance to you.

For example, organizations such as Relay for Life and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure require their participants to raise donations for the American Cancer Society prior to participating. Donations may be tied to the number of miles that you walk or run so the greater the distance you achieve the more money you raise for the cause.

Local marathons typically require participants to raise funds for a community organization before competing. Training for these events beforehand will allow you to lose weight, get in better shape, and help others in the process.

One of the most important things in regularly performing an exercise routine is having someone that will hold you accountable. In other words, having a “workout partner” will motivate you to perform your exercise routine with them on those days when you just feel like sitting on the couch and doing nothing. Going for a bike ride or taking a walk with a friend is another way to aide in obtaining your personal fitness goals while connecting with your friends.

In the end, regularly performing an exercise routine will improve your health and fitness, increase your motivation and self esteem, increase your overall energy level, strengthen your immune system, improve your overall attitude, and make life a little more enjoyable.

This being said, always try to pick exercise types that are enjoyable and do not make you feel like you are performing a chore. By doing so, you will ensure that you are living a lifestyle that not only improves virtually all aspects of your life, but the lives of those that you touch as well.

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