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Plica Syndrome

Plica Syndrome

Description Of The Injury: The plica is thin fibrous tissue that extends from the synovial capsule of the knee. When the synovial capsule becomes irritated due to overuse or injury, the plica becomes thicker in size and becomes inflamed. The most common location of the plica is along the medial side of the knee. The plica itself is actually a remnant of the fetal stage of development and is usually unobtrusive in normal human movement and function.

Injury Symptoms: Plica syndrome contains the syndromes of most other knee injuries - pain and a snapping sensation when flexing the knee.

Additional Information

Home Treatments:

Most often plica syndrome can be treated by using the rest, ice, compression and elevation principle. The affected knee should not be used for physical activity and should be rested in an elevated position above chest level. Ice should be used on the tender or inflamed area 20 minutes at a time. A non steroidal anti inflammatory medication may also be used to help treatment.

Professional Medical Treatments:

A doctor may administer a cortisone injection to reduce immediate inflammation. A recommendation to a massage or physical therapist may also be made. Consistent plica syndrome that does not subside after three months of conservative treatment may need arthroscopic surgery.

Physical Therapy and Exercises:

Recovery of plica syndrome will involve several exercises designed to regain range of motion and strength. These include standing leg raises, supine abduction and adduction raises, standing knee flexion, sitting knee extension and calf raises. These should be performed 5-7 times for one set before gradually increasing the number of reps and sets.

Exercise Techniques to Prevent Injury:

Prevention begins by being cautious about strenuous overuse of the knee joint, particularly in repetitive impact activities such as endurance running. Quadriceps flexibility ans strength should be maintained by performing front and side step-ups, as well as regular stretches such as the standing quad stretch and wall slide. Air Jordan shoes for women free shipping