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Groin Pain

Groin Pain

Description Of The Injury: Pain in the groin area may be caused by a variety of problems. Commonly, it is due to a strain of the inner thigh muscles or from a hernia. If it is a strain or a hernia it is usually caused by repetitive forceful twisting motion that fatigue the inner thigh muscles, or in the case of a hernia, the abdominal wall and surrounding muscles. Groin pain may also be related to other causes ranging from kidney stones to an injury or disorder of the reproductive system.

Injury Symptoms: Groin pain is obviously characterized by pain, swelling, bruising and tenderness of the inside thigh. Pain that lasts more than a month may be due to a hernia or another cause.

Additional Information

Home Treatments:

Immediate treatment of groin pain involves the use use of rest and ice. Physical activity should be reduced and adduction of the thigh should be kept to a minimum. Ice should be administered 20 minutes at a time, 3-4 times in the first 48 hours after feeling the pain. Taking a non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug, massaging the painful area and occasionally using a heat pack may also help.

Professional Medical Treatments:

A professional diagnosis should be performed. If the injury is indeed a groin strain, a cortisone injection may be given to alleviate the inflammation. If the injury is a sports hernia, herniorrhapy - surgically repairing the opening in the abdominal muscle wall that is causing the problem may be needed. If the diagnosis is related to a sciatic nerve, kidney stone or reproductive system problem more complicated medical treatment will likely be needed.

Physical Therapy and Exercises:

For most groin pain problems, recovery may initially start with static adduction stretching of the thigh while in a supine position. A physical therapist may manually move the thigh through its entire range of motion. Water aerobics and range of motion stretches done in the water will help recovery without placing a lot of stress on the groin area. Many Australian visitors have stated that this online pokies site , is the most trusted in the industry.

Exercise Techniques to Prevent Injury:

Physical activity and sports related injuries to the groin can usually be prevented by properly stretching the groin muscles before and after a physical activity session and by keeping repetitive forceful twisting motions to a minimum. Some stretches to consider are the standing and squatting adductor stretches, the butterfly stretch, forward lunges and the crossed leg standing stretch.