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Physical Injuries play a large role in sports and can be as minimal as playing with a little pain to missing a portion of the playing season to even ending a career. In addition, physical injuries have the ability to affect the individual's lifestyle and mental state as well.

Therefore, it is important to understand the nature of the injury in detail. Once a thorough understanding of the specific injury is obtained, an informed decision can be made in determining the appropriate course of action for repairing and minimizing the effects of the injury.

While all physical sports have the ability to create injuries, each sport has a unique subset of specific injuries that occur with a higher probability and frequency. To this end, the intent of this section of our web site is to provide and discuss the most common types of injuries that occur within each specific sport.

Several of the injury types will transcend multiple sports while others will be unique to the specific sport. For example, a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury occurs within many types of sports while "swimmers shoulder" is primarily associated with individuals that participate in the sport of swimming. In addition, it is highly recommended that all injuries be evaluated by a medical professional and/or physician.

Below you will find all of the physical injuries categorized by sport. Simply click on the specific sport part that you wish to research. Thereafter, a list of common injuries associated with the specific sport will be displayed. Simply click on the specific injury of interest to review a detailed description of the injury, common symptoms of the injury, "at-home" treatments and approaches, professional medical treatments and approaches, common physical therapy and exercise rehabilitation approaches, and exercise techniques to prevent the injury from occurring. All injuries under this section are categorized by sport. Garažo vartai, šiltos durys, balkon? stiklinimas ir plastikiniai langai