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Stress Relief Yoga Styles

stressed out One of the greatest benefits of yoga is its proven ability to reduce or relieve stress in its participants. Countless studies of brain patterns and activity have shown that people who participate in yoga are generally happier, more productive, more focused and have more successful relationships than people who don't use yoga at all.

Planning a yoga regimen that is specifically designed to reduce stress primarily depends on your ambition and what you like to do. Every type of yoga (and indeed, exercise) reduces stress in some way but there are a few that have been known to be more successful. Relaxation yoga, chanting yoga, and meticulous yoga styles are all on the top of the list when it comes to improving mood and personal well being.

In this article, you will find ways to use yoga for whatever stress you're experiencing and how to identify exactly what it is that stresses you out. No one needs to live with excess amounts of stress and the added benefits that yoga has to offer besides stress relief make it a prime choice for anyone that feels like they are holding up the world.

Identifying your Stress

The first step to designing your perfect yoga program is to identify exactly what you are feeling. Without recognizing what makes you unhappy, happiness will be difficult. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is there a specific environment that stresses you out?

  2. Is there a certain time of day when you feel the most stressed?

  3. Are your feelings of stress accompanied by nausea, headaches (severe), or stomach/chest pain?

  4. Is your job fulfilling?

  5. Can you name five strengths that you possess? (music, writing, computer skill, etc.)

  6. Are you happy with your personal relationships? (friends, family, romantic)

Evaluate your answers to the above questions. You will need your answers for the next part.

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Question 1: If you could identify what environment stresses you out you are right on track to use yoga to assist you in relieving that stress. Most individuals tend to get stressed out at work. Is that the case for you? There are numerous yoga techniques that are designed to relieve stress at work and you would be very wise to take advantage of them.

Question 2: Identifying the specific time of day that causes you the most stress can be beneficial in helping you to decide when to plan your yoga workout. typically most individuals will find that they are "stressed out" at approximately the same time of the day throughout the week. For example, If you are consistently under a high level of stress throughout the entire day, the morning before work could be your best time for you to perform your yoga routine.

Question 3: If your feelings of stress are accompanied by severe physical conditions like the ones in this question you should see a doctor. Don't panic!! These are symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety is readily treatable in most cases. Rule out anxiety before turning to yoga.

Question 4: Be truthful about this one. At one point or another, most people hate their jobs. Really decide if you are in the right career for you. Yoga may assist with the general feeling of fatigue or dissatisfaction at work but you may need to consider rethinking your career if you are consistently unhappy. Try yoga first but be prepared to start typing your resume. Yoga could give you the strength to chase you dreams.

Question 5: With this question we really start to decide which type of yoga will suit you the best. Take a look at your strengths and consult this guide:

Strengths are mostly:

  • Arts related (Music, Drawing, Writing) - Consider chanting yoga, Hatha, relaxation yoga

  • Quantitative related (Mathematics, Science, Medicine) - Consider Meticulous Styles

  • Physically related (Sports, Fitness) - Try Hot, Fast-paced styles

  • Instructively related (Teaching, Management) - Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga

Question 6: Evaluate how your social life makes you feel. If you are generally unhappy in social settings, you might want to design your program to be home-based. If you are generally happy being around people, take classes and enjoy the company while you relieve stress.

Using Yoga to Relieve Stress

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Most stress WILL be helped by physical activity. Many people have found that the spiritual connection that yoga allows will work a little extra to free your mind and forget your problems. If you're not ready to take the leap into designing a full yoga program, try these simple exercises out when you're feeling overwhelmed. If they work for you, try a program. If they don't work, try some other exercises.

Chest Opener: Place a pillow or rolled up blanket on the floor and lay on it (pillow just under your shoulder blades) with your arms outstretched and your head on the floor. Breathe deeply and slowly. Close your eyes and try to feel your chest expanding and contracting. Relax with some gentle music or your own (positive) thoughts. Think of a happy moment from your life or a special place that brings you peace and tranquility. You may stay in the position however long you feel comfortable.

Triangle Pose: This pose will not only stretch the hamstrings and hips, it will also reduce tension in the mind and body. Exactly how it sounds, your legs will mimic a triangle. Begin in a standing position. Keep your right toes facing forward while bringing your left leg out with its toes facing to the left. Depending on what is comfortable, you can then lean backwards and place your left hand on your calf, a small yoga block, or the floor. While keeping your eyes on your right hand, lift it up so that your shoulders form a straight line to the floor. If the pose is done correctly, there should be two visible triangles from the front. (One with your legs and another formed by your left arm and leg)

Baby Pose: Designed specifically to stretch the hamstrings, this pose begins in supine position. Plauk? šalinimas lazeriu Vilniuje už ger? kain? https://oblakasalon.lt/lazerine-epiliacija-2 Draw your knees to your chest and pull them back to your armpits. You may simply hold this position or continue to flatten the soles of your feet and pull them to the floor.

Knees to Chest: This pose allows for great relaxation. Lie on your back and pull your legs up until your knees touch your chest (or as close as you can get them). Hold this position as long as you like.

Is Stress Relief Yoga for You?

Never let stress rule your life. Yoga has worked for most people but not all. Try different types and styles before moving on to something else. Wasting money on drugs or comfort food is foolish if your stress can be readily reduced by a free, healthy activity like yoga.

Identifying the problem, having a plan and sticking to it are the most important components of a successful stress reducing yoga program and a stress free (well...almost) life. Remember that we all feel stressed some of the time. Yoga can help you to not feel stress most of the time.

Facts and Statistics

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It is estimated that nearly 18 million Americans use Yoga to manage the stress that they encounter in their lives.

During a recent study of people undergoing large amounts of stress, 76% of the participants said that they felt better after only 3 weeks of three 90 minute sessions a week.

Over the entire world, 3 out of 5 visits to physicians are for problems related to stress.

In the United States, 43% of people have negative stress induced health problems.

Suicide, cancer, heart disease, lung problems, liver cirrhosis and accidents are the top causes of preventable death in the United States. The only common factor that can lead to all of these deaths is stress.