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Various Sports Fitness & Weight Loss Program

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Individuals that enjoy sports and athletics can choose from a variety of sports to add to their weight loss program. This approach provides an individual with several options and a variety of workout types and intensity levels.

Individuals can choose a sport that appeals to them, sports that provide solo or team participation, or sports that target specific areas of health, fitness, or athletic capability.

This flexibility makes sports, as a physical activity to promote weight loss, an attractive option. Since you can pick the exact type of sports activity you enjoy, you are less likely to become bored and apathetic when performing your workout.

Choosing team sports may also help ensure your continued motivation. The combination of a variety of options, effective exercise and a motivational environment makes sports a popular type of weight loss program.

Types of Movements

The types of movements you will perform depends on the type of sport you choose. Sports such as soccer and basketball require a lot of running, while sports like racquetball and tennis concentrate more on the upper and core areas of the body, with lots of swinging, rotation and twisting. You can choose the types of movements you want in your weight loss program by picking whichever sport emphasizes those movements.

Targeted Muscles


The muscles targeted in your workout will also depend on the particular sport in which you decide to participate. Several sports primarily exercise the lower body while others challenge your upper body, and still others focus on the core muscles.

Some sports are more aerobic than others. You can tailor your workout to your exact needs and desires by researching and picking the specific sport that meets your personal fitness and weight loss goals.

You should begin by deciding what types of sports you enjoy participating in and what areas of your body you most specifically want to exercise. Thereafter, choose a sport that meets those criteria.

Sports with a lot of running will work the leg muscles while delivering a cardiovascular workout. Sports that involve the arms will most likely work the upper body and core muscles.

This being said, different sports involve different muscle groups and deliver different benefits. With the wide variety of sports to choose from, you should evaluate your specific needs and goals and then choose a sport that will facilitate your goals.

Aerobic Effect

Many sports are extremely aerobic, especially sports that involve a lot of running or jumping. Other sports will provide an anaerobic workout. You will have to decide what type of aerobic effect you want to achieve and pick a sport that meets those requirements. Remember, to achieve an aerobic effect you will need to achieve your target heart rate (60% to 85% of your maximum heart rate) and maintain that level for a minimum of 20 consecutive minutes. Once you determine your target heart rate, you should perform your workout or sport 3 to 5 times per week.

Required Equipment

The equipment required to safely perform the specific sport that you choose will vary from sport to sport. The cost of the equipment required to participate in each sport may limit or dictate the sport types that are available to you. Some sports require very little in the way of equipment while others demand much more. Biking, for example, requires lots of equipments such as a bicycle, a helmet, a water bottle and possibly specialized shoes. Hockey, a notoriously expensive sport, requires even more. Basketball, on the other hand, requires very little in the way of required equipment.


The specific benefits of playing a sport in relation to your weight loss program differ among the various sports you have to choose from. Most offer a fair aerobic workout and exercise multiple areas of the body. The largest benefit in choosing a sport as your physical activity is that participating in a sport tends to increase your level of motivation, hence increasing your probability of performing your workouts with greater regularity. With a wide variety of sports to choose from, you are sure to find a sport that you will enjoy and look forward to performing each week. You can see interesting options on this online resource.

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The biggest benefit of all the various sports is choice and variety. You can try different sports and determine which ones best suit your specific fitness and weight loss goals.

Regularly participating in a sport can be very engaging. When you find a sport that meets your physical activity needs and that you find enjoyable, you will most likely want to continue performing exercise workouts that improve your ability and capability within the sport that you chosen to participate in.

With so many sports to choose from, virtually anyone can find a sport that they enjoy and delivers the type of workout that they desire. Sports are very energetic and exciting to participate in.

As a starting point, you should evaluate each of the sports that pique your interest and compare them to your specific financial condition, your time constraints, and your personal health, fitness and weight loss goals. No matter what sport you choose to participate in, remember - you should have fun.